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Current Environmental Topics

Spotted Lanternfly in the News

"A destructive pest may be hitching a ride on your Christmas tree" | MNN - Mother Nature Network

"Spotted Lanternfly Alert" | PA Dept of Agriculture

Native Plants

"Yards with Non-Native Plants Create 'Food Deserts' for Bugs and Birds" | Audubon (with a link to a research paper by Doug Tallamy)

"Native Plants of S. Central PA": Weigel Native Plants PDF

Trout Run Nature Preserve

Trout Run Trout Run 1 Trout Run 2
Read the background and history of Trout Run Nature Preserve in this informative summary.

Find out about the work we're currently doing in this Trout Run Restoration Report by Eli DePaulis.

Living Gardens

Love birds AND cats? You will want to read this interesting article Keeping Cats Indoors by Lorrie Preston.

Don't know your cultivars from your nativars? You certainly will after reading this great piece Cultivars and Nativars - Beware! by Lorrie Preston.

More information about Birds and Cats:
BirdsBeSafe Company Website

Invasive Plant Control

What are "invasives" anyway, and what can we do about them? Read this article on Invasive Plant Control by Walter Koerber written several years ago. You can become part of an Invasives Strike Force! Walter was an active member of AAS and was passionate about birds and plants, and you'll see his article is still relevant and important.